Netflix Favorites Update!

Although I apologize for the delay in movie updates, I am happy to report this short list of movies and shows that are all available on Netflix for you entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a show to binge on, a great movie or a show to watch every now and again, I’ve got something for you.


House of Cards Cast(2)

House of Cards was one of those shows that I heard much hype about but was too caught up being madly in love with the last season of Breaking Bad that I never gave it a chance. When the second season was being promoted, I decided to give it a chance and watch the first season. I was thoroughly impressed by every aspect of this show and found myself binge watching and speeding through the first season. The writing of the show is brilliant, despite the fact that it is definitely an overly dramatized version of government, the show is written in a way that the cynicism illustrated is very believable. It is full of strategy and allows a great opportunity for creative editing that drives the story full of surprises and incredible turns. A definite must see if you’re in a mood for binge watching a show this weekend. Season 2 is now available Netflix and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Unfortunately,  I have been far to busy to allow myself to binge watch season 2 but I’m sure it is also worth the watch.


The most frequent question I get (other than my height…I’m five feet), is what my favorite movie is. I always say it is a tie between The Sandlot (which is no longer available on Netflix) and Pulp Fiction. I grew up with Pulp Fiction constantly playing but was never able to actually sit through the movie. About three years ago I was reintroduced to the movie and was drawn into watching it over and over again.  In that moment Quentin Tarantino became one of my favorite directors. His creativity and style allowed him to push the envelope in film making. The movie follows the same strategy seen in Reservoir Dogs, which is storytelling in non-chronological order. Again, the impact that this style creates is amazing as it allows the audience the opportunity to attempt to solve a puzzle. The movie follows four different stories that eventually connect to one another. The story follows 2 hit men, a boxer, a gangster’s wife, and 2 robbers and how their violent ways and bad decisions eventually connect. It becomes so intriguing to see how Tarantino was able to combine these four stories into one amazing tale of violence and…more violence. However, don’t let the violence scare you away, the movie is full with great one liners and you’ll find yourself quoting the movie for quite sometime.



While I do binge watching and critically analyzing a movie, I do also enjoy a show that is sure to entertain no matter what episode I choose. Although I admit that I binge watched season 1-3 back in 2011, I respect the writing in the show because one doesn’t have to watch the episodes in chronological order to be entertained. If you randomly pick an episode you will see the same theme of a group of awful people just doing awful things. That works so perfectly with this show. Most shows and sitcoms illustrate a group of people learning from their mistakes and growing up. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia never illustrates that but it works because of the characters in the show are just a selfish group of friends willing to manipulate (or at least try to) other in order to get their ways. The show is highly inappropriate and rude but I absolutely love that they never play it safe in their plots and it makes for undoubtedly great humor.


Another movie I was rather late to jump into watching is Blackfish a documentary about Tilkim, the killer whale. The movie became a phenomenon when it openly criticized and bashed Sea World for it’s captive like ways that lead to dangerous environments for both the whales and the trainers. What is so great about this movie is that it is informative about the natural ways killer whales have and the unnatural behaviors they have under the conditions set at Sea Worlds. However, it is definitely bias as Sea World never made a convincing comment in order to defend themselves. The reason the movie is worth the watch is so people can be aware of subtle animal abuse but also open up minds as to what we see in media compared to what goes on behind the camera/stage.

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