Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

If you’re a fan of dark comedy films full of action and gore, then “Reservoir Dogs” is for you! This film served as Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut, which soon turned into a cult classic. However, I must admit that I may have some bias opinions, considering the fact that it was filmed in my neighborhood. While it was this fact that played a huge factor in pushing me towards watching this movie, I was beyond impressed by Tarantino’s debut.

The film follows four robbers, whose real names are to never revealed, and go by the nicknames of Mr. Yellow, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, and Mr. Orange. In true Tarantino fashion, the movie does not follow a chronological order, but is quick to drop hints that something has gone wrong with the job, and that an undercover may be the cause. The movie illustrates the prepping and the results of a bank robbery, but never shows the full event itself. There is something that is so fascinating in this way of storytelling, because we see the consequences of certain actions, pushing us to the edge of our seat as we await to learn the origin and source of these results. Suddenly, one is so involved with the story as it becomes hard to resist guessing who the informant may be. The lack of a linear storyline just adds on to the challenge of solving the mystery, but the mystery is simply too good to just give up on.
The addition of gore and cynical humor in the film allows from a distraction from the whole mystery which otherwise would’ve been overwhelming.

This movie is certainly one of my favorites and what’s even greater about it is the fact that is available on Netflix for you to enjoy! Let me know what you think about the movie and what some of your cult favorites are.

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