Season 1 and 2 of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix

Season 1 and 2 of Bob's Burgers on Netflix

Being a film major I am often give lists of movies to watch that are offered on Netflix, but sometimes I just want to watch something silly that I don’t have to be so analytical about. For the past few weeks I have been sneaking in episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” during my break and at times laugh so loud that I worry people at the school cafeteria.

“Bob’s Burgers” didn’t grab my attention at first as I thought it was geared towards children, however after constantly seeing hysterical gifs of Tina on my Tumblr dashboard, I decided to give it a try. After the first episode I was hooked on the peculiar sense of humor full of inappropriateness, pop culture references, and puns. The animated comedy illustrates Bob as he struggles to maintain his restaurant open. Along we are introduced to his optimistic wife and his strange kids. Tina, Gene, and Louise are constantly getting themselves into trouble and distracting their parents from their duties. Tina instantly became my favorite character as she illustrates what most pre-teenagers are like, awkward and have a huge fascination for butts. Gene plays the role of the not-so-sharp middle child but his silly ways are rather charming to observe. Last, there is Louise who seems to be the brightest of the bunch, but uses her quick wit for bad rather than good.

The show is really for a particular sense of humor and may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Personally, I love it and sped through seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and even reopened my Hulu Plus account to continue watching the show during my free time. Overall, “Bob’s Burgers” is sure to entertain most and possibly make you sigh in disbelief at the use of puns.

Netflix Valentine’s Day Playlist

Valentine’s Day is here and love (or extreme bitterness) is in the air! While I do hope some of you were inspired to try the Red Line Speed Dating service, I understand some of you would rather indulge in a great Netflix marathon this weekend. Being that I blog about “movies and stuff” I made a short list of some movies that might have slipped your mind in categorizing under romance/love genre.


Amelie is easily one of my favorite romantic comedies due to it’s quirky and whimsical story line which follows a rather introvert girl who decides to make everyone’s lives a bit more special. Along her journey she runs into a man who is just as peculiar as Amelie, and love at first sight is inevitable.


My Week With Marilyn is a rather complicated story which illustrates an equally complicated woman. The tragic and painful life of Marilyn Monroe is illustrated through subtle images of insecurity and need of love. While the love story in this movie is enticing, the story overall is worth the watch.


The Artist practices the art form of silent movies spectacularly all the while illustrating the interesting transition from silent movies to “talkies.” The movie follows a famous silent actor as he struggles with the new way of film making all the while he observes one of his mentees grow bigger than he ever was in the industry. The movie demonstrates love as an act of caring and support rather than in a romantic interest.


Like Crazy is a charming movie about young love learning to deal with the reality of every day struggles after college. These struggle threaten their relationship and leaves the viewer hoping for their relationship to last the obstacles. Though I was not a fan of the pace of the movie at first, I found the fast and slow pace of the movie to become rather symbolic of overall relationships.


Now, if you want to watch a rather dark romance movie, I highly suggest Blue Valentine which is among my top favorite movies. The movie embodies the reality of love that is almost crushingly accurate. The ups and downs of this movie leaves the viewer emotionally invested and hoping for the best for this beautiful couple who have gone through their share of troubles.

Again, these movies are all available on Netflix for easy streaming on this lovely holiday. Hope you spend a great day with loved ones and if you don’t have time to watch these movies this weekend, these movie are great to watch any day of the year. Let me know what your favorite love themed movies are in the comments below!

Don’t have a Valentines Day? Don’t worry MTA is playing Cupid this Valentines Day!

Ahhh yes, if I had a dime for every time I have temporarily fallen in love with someone on the train…If you have ever been in this predicament and are dateless this Valentines Day, don’t worry because Metro has got you covered. Metro is in the loving mood this February and is offering a speed dating service exclusively on Valentines day. While it sounds a tad awkward, I must admit I am quite tempted to try it out.

To participate in this event you must be 18+ years old and you must register at one of the Red Line stops from 10:30am-12:30pm and the speed dating will run from 11am-1pm. After registration you can begin speed dating but must sit in the cart decorated with hearts which will be the LAST car heading towards the North Hollywood station or the FIRST car headed towards Union Station.

If you’re concerned that you will be approached by a creep, know that there will be Metro staff in each cart and give everyone instructions or to answer any questions. The best part is that you can get off at any stop if things get too awkward. For more information visit the link provided above.

If speed dating isn’t your thing and you’d rather have a night in with Netflix, stay tuned with some of my favorite love themed movies for Valentines Day.

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

If you’re a fan of dark comedy films full of action and gore, then “Reservoir Dogs” is for you! This film served as Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut, which soon turned into a cult classic. However, I must admit that I may have some bias opinions, considering the fact that it was filmed in my neighborhood. While it was this fact that played a huge factor in pushing me towards watching this movie, I was beyond impressed by Tarantino’s debut.

The film follows four robbers, whose real names are to never revealed, and go by the nicknames of Mr. Yellow, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, and Mr. Orange. In true Tarantino fashion, the movie does not follow a chronological order, but is quick to drop hints that something has gone wrong with the job, and that an undercover may be the cause. The movie illustrates the prepping and the results of a bank robbery, but never shows the full event itself. There is something that is so fascinating in this way of storytelling, because we see the consequences of certain actions, pushing us to the edge of our seat as we await to learn the origin and source of these results. Suddenly, one is so involved with the story as it becomes hard to resist guessing who the informant may be. The lack of a linear storyline just adds on to the challenge of solving the mystery, but the mystery is simply too good to just give up on.
The addition of gore and cynical humor in the film allows from a distraction from the whole mystery which otherwise would’ve been overwhelming.

This movie is certainly one of my favorites and what’s even greater about it is the fact that is available on Netflix for you to enjoy! Let me know what you think about the movie and what some of your cult favorites are.