Tired of all the buzz regarding  “Frozen” and wondering when people are just going to Let it Go? Terrible puns aside, I decided to finally watch “Frozen” and found that Disney delivered yet another princess classic with quite the twist.

Disney has constantly been criticized for its illustrations of gender roles, specifically the roles of young female characters. The reputation of a young princess having to find her Prince Charming in order to achieve happiness is becoming increasingly controversial. While this view was challenged with Disney Pixar’s notorious movie “Brave,” “Frozen” adds on to the changing themes seen in Disney movies which have been incorporating the ever evolving norms of modern society.

When the kingdom of Arendelle undergoes a wild winter storm, Princess Anna goes on a journey to search for her sister, Queen Elsa, to stop the storm and bring back summer. Revolving around the theme of “an act of true love” the movie becomes such a joy to watch and brings out everyone’s inner child. With the help of beautiful songs, witty one liners, and loveable characters, the movie delivers a great message about love for young kids and serves as a fantastic reminder for adults.  Additionally, the movie illustrates a rather underlying message about depression and anxiety that many have found a deep connection with. Overall the movie has a storyline that is undeniably amusing to follow with great lessons to be learned.

(P.S. If you watch this movie good luck getting the songs out of your head and when you don’t you’ll understand how awful that pun in the beginning of this post actually was.)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is definitely a must see documentary currently available for streaming on Netflix. This visually stunning film follows Jiro, an 85 year old world famous Sushi master, as he prepares his son to take over his place in the restaurant. The movie illustrates the very professional life of Jiro in such a way that the viewer is equally intimidated and inspired by Jiro’s love for sushi. A perfectionist full of passion, Jiro believes he will never stop learning and constantly pushes himself and his crew to work as hard as possible to prepare their delicacy. The movie is full of charm as the devotion of Jiro’s work is illustrated and guided through the  help of wonderful editing techniques. The meticulous prepping is then followed by the flawless handwork of forming the sushi. The complexity of creating such food immediately is seen as artwork as the film takes in all the beauty through pictures while driven by such a compelling and intriguing story.